Focus on Securing the right Windows: A Moncrieff Event on Business Continuity

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Why You Should Attend


of Australian small businesses are the target of cybercrime


of data breaches occur because of weak and stolen passwords


Cybercrime costs the Australian economy more than $1billion annually


of businesses that are victims of cybercrime cannot continue operating

What You’ll Learn

You can’t see when a cyber attack is coming, but you CAN take action to prevent them from happening. The first step to protecting your digital assets is educating yourself by coming to our event on September 26th.

 During our event you will learn a wealth of information including:

  • What cyber threats there are to small businesses
  • Where these threats are coming from
  • How these cyber attacks affect businesses
  • What your business can do to protect itself from attacks
  • How to set up a business continuity plan for your small business
  • How to best educate your employees on best practice for cyber security
  • How the addition of cyber security services can benefit your business

You’ll also get plenty of opportunity to ask any questions you may have. Following the session, we would love for you to stay around for a networking session complete with nibbles and drinks.

Who Should Attend This Event?

  • Small to medium business owners
  • Sole traders
  • Employees working closely with business data
  • IT employees
  • Anyone who is interested in learning how to better protect themselves from cyber crime

Event Program

5:00 PM


5:15 PM


5:20 PM

A look at cyber crime and cybersecurity for small businesses

5:40 PM

Business Continuity: How to protect your small business

6:00 PM


6:15 PM

Sundowner & Networking

Some Quick Changes You Can Make to Protect Yourself from Cyber Crime

No one wants their business to become a statistic. Which is why actioning a quality business continuity plan, can help you to prepare, prevent and react to any potential threats.

Ready to learn how your business can take preventative action in protecting your data? Register for our event to secure your spot today!

  • Change passwords at a minimum of every 90 days
  • Spend time educating your team members on best practice with digital assets
  • Keep your operating systems regularly updated
  • Encrypt your wireless network
  • Enlist the help of cyber security professionals

Who We Are

Hello! We’re Moncrieff. A local IT company that’s on a mission to help businesses protect their most precious asset… their Data. You see, data is becoming the world’s most valuable commodity, more precious than gold or oil. Cyber security breaches are costing Australians $1billion per year, and that number isn’t going down.

Think your business isn’t a target of cyber-crime, unfortunately, your wrong. Your information is their income, and cyber criminals are on the look for week variable systems.

Our goal is to help businesses like yours have the knowledge and tools in place, to prevent these criminals from getting into your systems. Moncrieff helps businesses get ahead of the game, so don’t wait to be a victim of cyber-crime.

Moncrieff believes that to provide quality IT services it takes a human approach. Not chatbots or remote workers from other countries. We keep our services local and inhouse, choosing to work closely with our clients to provide them with the best solutions to protect their digital assets. Giving them the peace of mind to confidently move forward with their own business goals.

Can’t make the event, but want to know how the Moncrieff team can help you?

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation ½ hour consult and discover how you can create a business continuity plan that helps protect your business.


Cyber Security Solutions Provided by Moncrieff

Moncrieff provides our clients with services that will help their businesses feel safe and secure. So that they can continue to thrive!

Our cyber security services include:

Assessments & Audits

Cyber Security & Managed Solutions

Private Cloud Infrastructure

IT Assist – Managed IT Service

Can’t make the event, but still interested in knowing more about how to increase the security of your business’ digital assets? Moncrieff is currently offering a no obligation ½ hour consult to discuss your business continuity plan, and how our team can help you achieve greater security on your IT systems.

1300ITASSIST (1300 482 774)

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