Time to Embark on the Next Half Century

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Much has changed since the Moncrieff business was established in 1966.  Yet much has stayed the same such as our promise of honest business with every tailored solution we deliver.

The iconic M brand was launched in 1983. And recently modified in 2016 to reflect our 50 year anniversary. In 2017, Moncrieff will be contemporising our brand.

This process of change is never easy, especially for a company with 50 years of heritage.  We recognise that we work in the fastest changing industry! If you spoke to someone about ‘cloud’ in 1966, they would be looking into the sky.  We take our advancement for granted.

Moncrieff still offers on-premise infrastructure as we did in 1966, but we have expanded our offerings to private cloud solutions, managed services, cybersecurity and more.

To demonstrate that we are evolving to best meet customers’ needs, we’ll be putting on a fresh new look.  We look forward to what you think!